Soon on Kickstarter, a kit, named , for building all of the mechanism of a standard size delta 3D printer, virtually without any mechanical component ! Thanks to its innovative design, ZATSIT allows both the highest performance and a reasonable cost, and these are not just usual catchwords, it’s simply true.

The whole mechanism is made by folding a sheet of a special composite material, the Hylite, suitably engraved by a CNC machine, which allows to set with great accuracy the general geometry,  stiffening folds, and particularly the hinges which ensure the mobility of the linkage.

The Hylite is the composite panel which has the smallest thickness of the market (1.2 mm). Both stiff and lightweight, it has a polypropylene (PP) core, and two aluminum cover sheets. The continuous service temperature reaches 120 °C, a nice feature in the 3D printing context.

Engraving the aluminium on opposite sides releases the ability of the PP core to form an hinge, in the area exposed by the machining, in a perfectly defined geometry. Our tests on over 14 million folding cycles, confirmed by more than 24 months of intensive operation of our prototypes, have shown that so made live hinges are insensitive to wear, tear or fatigue, thanks to the PP properties (as long as one remains within the allowable stress limits of the material, of course).

The fixed parts of the machine are simply made of three MakerSlide extruded aluminum profiles (Open Source design by Barton Dring), also acting as a linear guiding, connected by two CNC-machined plates of HPL laminate, 8mm thick, and two stiffening sticks. The whole thing is an extremely stiff and accurate frame.

The Hylite hinged mechanism that slides on it, is inherently very light, accurate, smooth, and backlash free. It has a slight visco-elastic compliance that allows it to absorb vibrations and abnormal stresses. The combination of these features with a very stiff frame, and a careful design, optimizing the overall geometry, the stress transmission and the rigidity of the linear guiding, is very effective.

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The seven videos of the different phases of the assembling explain everything, and despite the subtitles are in French , you should understand every detail. Want to know more? So copy and paste our pages into for an excellent translation!

As this technology shines particularly well with lightweight effectors, we have developed an ultra-simple adapter to cool the Hot-Ends by water, which allows a spectacular weight reduction, while remaining compatible with current standard accessories. The print quality is outstanding.

The large effector holder can receive, besides interchangeable hot-ends for 3D printing, anything else your maker imagination may wish, thanks to a three-screws easy fastening system.

Just add 3Dprinting components available online.  This website will provide all the details and tips for easy assembly.  According to your needs, choose the best electronics, motors, extrusion system, heated bed, etc…, to get a high-end but cost-effective 3D printer, or choose the lower cost, and keep the possibility to upgrade your machine without limitation.

In any case, you have the answer to the mechanical part of your 3D printing questions : !

Already own a 3D printer? Take a look at our range of accessories (Home/Tab "Des accessoires universels"), which could enhance an existing machine: water-cooled HotEnd , gimbaled extruder or blower holders, and gimbaled Flystruder !